Moroccan culinary delights

A common symptom of the twenty-something syndrome is the need to understand why we work. Why do we spend so much time studying, why do we make the effort to find a job, work hard and have a career. Money is the simple answer, but i i suspect that each of us have a deeper reason for going through all this trouble.
To each his/her own. But for me, its because i like food, i like to eat, i like the experience a good meal provides as it enters my mouth and tantalizes my tastebuds.
I want to be able to go anywhere, to any restaurant i want. I want to be able to order anything on the menu, i want to be able to have as little or as much as i want. And i want to be able to do all of this without worrying about how much its going to cost me. Be it a cheap plate of fried kuey teow at FAM or a RM100 sashimi bento at the Pan Pacific, i want to be able to have absolutely anything i want, whenever i want.
Last night, i exercised this philosophy with an EXCELLENT Moroccan meal at Al Hambra, a quiet place next to Victoria Station in Bukit Damansara. I had champignon as a starter, a delightful thin mushroom soup with lots of basil and olives. I used it to drench the freshly home baked bread (imagine the best bread you’ve ever tasted and this would be it) and lapped it up in minutes. Then the main courses of lamb tajine (thick lamb stew) and chicken and meatball couscous followed. Couscous is a type of wheat. When cooked it looks like micro rice and tastes a bit like bryani. Everything came in huge servings and there was no way the three people eating could finish it all. A fourth person at the table would have been perfect.
If you can find this small gem of a restaurant, don’t hesitate. RM100 will get you a meal for 4 that you will never forget.


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