VOI Blog of the Month

With war coming, its important to keep abreast of the issues surrounding it. I think there is very little doubt that Bush & Co. will invade Iraq in the very near future. Sometimes, i wonder why the Bush-Blair axis even bothers with the Security Council; they have repeatedly said that they will invade Iraq with or without its blessing. Do they think that by obtaining the UN’s blessing, it will make their invasion of Iraq any less wrong?
Blogs, over the past months, have played their role in this debate. Some support the invasion, some don’t. But many, many bloggers have had their say. One blog that does this better than most is InstaPundit.com, the VOI’s Blog of the Month for March 2003. Maintained by Glenn Reynolds, a law prof at the Uni of Tennessee, he aggregates a large number of relevant articles on the matter and adds to them his personal comments.
If you’ve yet to dig beyond the news served up to us by CNN or Reuters or AP on the impending invasion of Iraq, InstaPundit.com is a good place to start.


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