Flying to Kuantan

My life flashed before my eyes today over the skies of Pahang. The turbulence was unlike anything i’ve felt before; there was a moment when the plane seemed to plunge down in a near vertical drop all of the sudden, probably due to irregular air flow over the wings. For a split second, i swear the orange juice in my cup experienced weightlessness. It was so surreal to see the cup on the small table drop with the plane but the juice stay where it was, seemingly suspended in mid air. Wow!
Muted screams and gasps filled the cabin. All i could do was laugh, quite loudly in fact that the people near me turned to look. I thought it was hilarious. Almost like a small kid on a roller coaster, i wanted the plane to do it again! What a rush!
The rest of the flight was a bit bumpy, but we arrived safely. I’ll be in Kuantan until this Friday, the 14th of March. Conducting training for the Dealernet again.


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