Visuals Latest Photo Series

The “VOI Visuals”: has been updated with 2 new photo series, the “Kota Bharu series”: and the “Bridal Series”:
“The first”: was taken during my recent trip to Kota Bharu. Its a rustic town with a lot of charm and humour. I am suitably taken by the sights and the people. Below is a sample of the Kota Bharu Series:


Gender segregated shopping check-outs

“The second”: was taken during the Bridal Fair recently held in JW Marriot. If you’ve got “Astro”:, you’ve probably seen the ads on TV or read about it in the newspapers. It was a fun-filled event, not only because of the saturation of beautiful models in attendance – the highlight of the show was the viewing of the Margaret-Mccallum bridal collection. A hot new bridal house with tremendous talent. Below is a sample of the Bridal Series:

From the Margaret-Mccallum Collection

The stunning flagship of the collection. Gentleman, get your cheque books out.


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