Quick mind

Just like the body, the mind needs exercise too. Different people perform this exercise in different ways, and i do mine by writing, debating and playing the violin.
The writing i do is obvious — its my blog(s) — the Volume of Interactions, My Cigar Blog, and MyNUFC.net. I love writing; it gives me a chance to think aloud in a space that is mine alone. It helps me remember the past; forgetting or ignoring one’s history is the surest way to failure.
I don’t competitively debate or public speak anymore, but i try to find some time to pass on my experience to others in my alma mater, UIAM, whenever i can. I remember when i was starting out as a debater the times when my seniors would take time off their busy schedules and families to come and be with us, to train us, and improve us. Any success i had as a debater was because of them. I hope that, someday, someone will be able to say the same about me. Its the natural order of things — student learns from teacher, one day, student becomes teacher, and the cycle begins once more.
For my very own personal enjoyment (very, very few people have heard me play), i take to the violin. If there ever was an instrument to keep the mind at a razor’s edge, this would be it. Admittedly, i’m not very good, but that’s besides the point — what matters is the passion. The twirling fingers over the strings, the flashing bow, the harmony of God-given, Man-created music from my 1975 Gotz. Very few things get better than this.
I’ve never liked to say never. But i suppose the way i feel for these three things come quite close — i would like to never have to give them up.


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