Ramadhan Day 6

Its terribly easy to over-eat during Ramadhan. Found that out the painful way last night.
A long day in the office meant a late knock-off time; i knew i would be stuck in the car, perhaps in a jam on the way home, so i bought a sambal bun, some murukku and a can of soya milk to for iftar — to tide me over until i could get a proper meal. Ate it all in a car (i was stuck in the car when the azan came over the radio.
Went home, prayed, took a bath, and took a drive to Damansara Uptown for dinner. A sudden craving for black pepper chicken chop had struck me. And yong tau foo (mostly fish balls and fish paste). And daging masak merah (fried beef in chilli sauce). And carrot juice.
It was all too much, way too much. I ended up not finishing it all simply because i couldn’t — there was just too much food. Drove home, feeling quite upset that i had allowed gluttony to take over. And so much food so quickly, also leaves a very unpleasant, almost painful feeling in the tummy.
Lesson: Ramadhan is about willpower and control, and that extends to beyond just the abstinence of food & drink during the day.


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