Ramadhan Day 17

A weekend of complete rest, that’s exactly what i needed. Couch potato, movie marathon, PC geek, chef extraodinaire, house cleaner — i played all these roles to the hilt these past 48 hours. And i feel much better for it, happier even.
Although the lack of food and water does take a toll on the body, Muslims are encouraged not to change their daily routines. Do during the month of ramadhan as you would do any other day. Its a bit hard to do this, most times. The sleepy ache in the tummy as the end of the day draws near, the frayed nerves and bile-tasting mouth, the lack of energy, the usual sleeping hours, the lure of the pasar ramadhans, the usurious commercialization of the restaurants and hotels — how can we be expected to act and think the same we would a normal day? The pressures, the temptations, the physiological differences are just too much.
Then i think about the less fortunate than i. For them, every day is hungry day, where bile rises in the dusty, dry throat, where even the simple gerai or mamak stall seems like a feast-in-waiting. What about them?


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