Ramadhan Day 25

Its always a fun thing discovering new things. For me, this ramadhan has truly been a month of discovery, and last night allowed me yet another discover, albeit one of a totally unexpected nature: i found the most incredible coffee “hut” imaginable. Never before have i been to a place that sells all types of coffee from all over Malaysia. The owner, En Alias, assures me that each has its own distinct character: coffee from every state, sometimes from towns famous for their coffee such as Ipoh. What a wonderful way to end the day. A freshly brewed coffee, a roti bakar with kaya (burned over an actual charcoal burner!), a cigar and the company of the lovely Baizura and some friends.
Earlier in the day, i passed by a place that was selling food hampers — the kind that you buy for friends, relatives or business associates. Some of these hampers were incredibly expensive, and yet they looked like they were selling very well. At the office, my department has received some expensive looking hampers from vendors. A lot of these hampers going about, by the looks of it.
I think about the gift giving nature of the celebration of the end of ramadhan, Eidulfitri. What are we celebrating, really? Personally i have no idea. The end of the fasting month is cause for celebration? Or does the 1st day of Shawal have some celebratory purpose? Did the Prophet s.a.w. celebrate the end of ramadhan the way we do? Perhaps he sent each of his Companions a camel and goat as a “hamper”?
The celebration of Eid. It all just makes me wonder.


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