Happy 2005, everybody

If you think about it, 31/12/04 and 1/1/05 are just two days that happen to have different dates on them. There is very little different about these two days than any other two days that happen to be next to each other.
How is today, 1/1/05 different from yesterday, 31/12/04? I’m alive today, just as i was alive yesterday, just as i will be alive tomorrow. Today i will eat, sleep and maybe read a book and watch tv. That’s the same thing i did yesterday, and i won’t doubt that’ll be what i’ll be doing tomorrow. So why is today special? So what, the New Year? So what?
Perhaps the answer to my own question is simple. A new year is a psychological point of time, a reference fulcrum for the human mind. Being such it gives us impetus to be positive, confidence that this day, the start of this new year, is an opportunity waiting to be taken for the better. And perhaps 2005 will be better — be positive, be confident and brave, and who knows? 2005 will be better.
Happy 2005 to all. May you and yours be blessed.


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