Tsunami donations

P. Bush donates US$10k from his own pocket — a local blogger asks whether “its enough”, implying that the millionaire President of the United States should have given more. Ol’ Schumi put forward UK$5 million. Has he done enough? Sandra Bullock donated US$1 million — quite a bit considering she isn’t an A-list Hollywood actress making tens of millions per movie. Has she done enough?
Locally, PETRONAS, perhaps one of Malaysia’s richest organizations, donated RM500k. Shell Malaysia donated RM1 million. Have they done enough?
What disturbs me is that the size of individual and organizational (corporate) donations in aid for the victims of the tsunami have become an issue. So-and-so has not done enough. So-and-so has done so much. My donation is bigger than yours. My donation is more worthy.
A moralistic whirlstorm of cynicism seems to have whipped up amongst the masses — “You’ve got so much money, why not give more aid?”, “If i had as much money as you, i would have given more.”
That’s just not right, and almost downright pathetic — its not your money to give, so why do you question the giver? You are not him, so why presuppose what you would do if you were. Focus on what you can do to help (if you want to help at all); what other people do (or don’t do) is none of your business.


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