Our children

Its so refreshing to witness the exuberant innocence of our children. They say and do what they like, with an almost devil-may-care attitude. There are no inhibitions, there is almost nothing off-limits. Its almost as though they have yet to grasp the concept of the “lie”.
“Mama, mama — why is that man so smelly?”
“Her nose is too big for her face”
When did we lose this ability to be so direct, so honest? Adults rarely tell it the way it is, always mashing their words in adulterated diplo-speak. Even when we speak to people we are close to, we often don’t say what really mean, often times we downright lie.
Sometimes, we lie to save their feelings; no one likes being told their ass looks bigger today than it did yesterday. Sometimes, we lie because the truth is just too difficult to tell. Sometimes, we lie because we want to.
Truth is paramount. Perhaps we should let our children rule the world.


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