The Muslim Mind-Box

During my days in IIUM, it was common practice to blame the West (i.e. the USA, Europe, Israel, etc, etc.) for everything that was wrong with the Muslim world. From published, award-winning professors all the way down to common students — that was the story most often repeated.
Muslims are poor. Why? Its because the “West” steals our wealth. Muslims are divided and factious. Why? Because the “West” uses its wealth and influence to divide and conquer the Muslim states e.g. the billions of dollars of annual “aid” given to Egypt is a common example of such bribery.
The Muslim mind has been polluted by its own delusions. Its sad that even in one of our nation’s pillars of Islam, a prestigious university of rank, the “blame the West” mentality is an easily accepted excuse. If the scholarly minds of the ivory towers accept this to be true, what hope is there for the impressionable mind of the common man?
Muslims are in trouble, by extension, so is Islam. We should be looking within for answers, not without. Its much easier to blame others for our problems than to blame ourselves. Maybe that’s part of the reason why we’ve yet to actually solve them.
Context: When Muslims suffer, its the West that helps out


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