Romber was robbed!!

Damn, am i the only one who feels the best team should have won? What’s all this about wanting the underdog to win?! Hahaha… a great finale to perhaps the best season yet of the Amazing Race.
But, honestly, Rob and Amber, by far, the best team to ever grace the show, were robbed in the end:
1. NO PILOT reverses the plane and re-attaches the bloody hatch after the boarding gates have been closed!
2. Stupid people giving stupid street directions. If you dunno where it is, don’t say something just for the sake of saying it! 27th Street, my ass!
Just no luck, two crazy things didn’t go their way leading to a sad loss for Rob and Amber. Haiya. Great entertainment, and here’s hoping to a quick return of the series for the Amazing Race 8!


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