A new cat for me

I’ve thought about it for a long time: keeping cat as a pet. I’ve always been put off by a fear that i wouldn’t be able to look after another living being, but i think the past year or so… i’ve got a feeling that i’ve changed in a way that will make keeping a pet a very rewarding activity.
But, before i go into this, i’m going to need to do quite a remarkable bit of planning. The more thought i’ve given it, the more i realise needs to be done, to be understood before i can proceed. I want to give my cat a warm, loving and safe home — there are things that need to be done to make this happen.
Ok, help needed pls:
1. Besides the SPCA where can i go to adopt a cat/kitten in KL?
2. What are the good sites on the web about cats and cat care?
I’m looking for a short-hair cat, playful type. Any ideas what breed of cat i should look out for with this as a criteria?


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