Cruel and Unusual

One of the more graphic articles i’ve read in the local newspapers. Sheesh — whipping sounds painful.

“Whipping convicts is much more difficult, because you really have to do it with a lot of ‘power’. The harder the better. If he holds back even one notch, the officer fails in his duty.

“That’s why all whipping officers are tall and big bodied,” said Wahid, 35, who himself looks like a military commando.

He has been whipping convicted criminals for eight years. All strokes of a caning sentence must be executed in a single stretch with about 10 seconds between each. The highest number of strokes for a criminal offence is 24.

“You have to be very focused, because there is a very small area to hit. The area of the buttocks is 10 inches by 8 inches. If you don’t hit it exactly right, you might hit part of the (wood) frame.

“This will be counted as a stroke anyway; except that the prisoner has not got the full force of justice.

“And, when you have made contact with the buttocks, you must drag the tip of the rotan along the skin to break it.”

Moral of the story: Wanna be bad? Don’t. It really hurts when you get caught.


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