A chicken in the Cabinet

It looks like we’ve got a chicken in the Cabinet who has flown the coop. Does she have a leg infection or has she taken a holiday?

Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Samsudin Osman confirmed that Rafidah was on medical leave.
“She’s having problems with her leg. There is an infection or something,” he told the New Straits Times. — NST

Meanwhile, Rafidah’s aides said she went home at noon and later left for the airport to catch a flight to Perth, adding that the minister would be away for one week. — The Star

Must be a pretty damn serious “leg infection” that local hospitals can’t do anything about it. I wonder who’s footing her overseas medical bill then, oops, i’m sorry, it must be us, the Rakyat (yes, that’s right with a capital “R”). But, hang on, if its something so serious that local hospitals can’t handle, then why only 1 week? If its really so bad, shouldn’t it take more than 1 week to fix/heal?
Maybe its a bad case of “chicken-itis”?


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