Migrating to Australia

An interesting, often heated, debate is ongoing on the PPS Blog: “Want to migrate to Australia?” The issue: Malaysians migrating to foreign lands — unpatriotic?
A topic close to my heart, considering my whole family is in Australia, and have asked me to join them soonest possible (i’ve said no, thus far). Now that they’ve received their permanence resident status, it would probably be easier for me get my PR too, perhaps my 5 years experience in project management will help too (i’ve been told that Australia needs people who have skills such as mine).
There can be no argument on my parents’ patriotism: they both served the country unwaveringly for more than 20 years in the Government sector. Dad could have left at any time, make a name and a ton of money for himself and his family in the private medical sector. Same with Mom. But they didn’t, and they went all the way to retirement. My sisters? Well, as minors, their place is with my parents, so there can be no argument about them either.
What about me? I love my family tremendously, so it would make sense for me to join them. Families shouldn’t be separated, is my opinion; there is nothing more important than those people who stick with you through thick or thin.
Frankly, labels such as “unpatriotic” don’t bother me much. Sticks and stones may break my bones, etc. So what if people call you this and that, they aren’t living your life, so why should what they say have any bearing whatsoever on the decisions you make for yourself. I’m a Malaysian, will always identify myself as one. But to say the only way to contribute as a Malaysian to Malaysia is to be in Malaysia — well, that’s pretty shortsighted, at best.
I’m here in Malaysia now, i have a feeling there is some unfinished business that needs to be done and until i do it, a decision to join my family in Australia will be deferred. We all try to do the best that we can for ourselves and those that matter to us; life really is too short to be any more altruistic than that.


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