Newcastle will have Owen!

I’m literally going crazy in anticipation and hope for this deal; i’ve not been able to sit still for a moment the whole day. Nearly every other thought in my mind has been: “OWEN, OWEN, OWEN” — i’m a sad, sad case, i am. Obsessed, even.
Some news updates:


Newcastle agree fee, but Owen wants Anfield move
Benitez left unmoved by Owen’s plea to Liverpool
Newcastle fear Liverpool will hijack £16m Owen deal
Owen made to wait for return to Liverpool
My theories:
Fat Freddy intentionally jacked up the price to UK$16mil in the hopes that Liverpuke won’t be able to match the bid, and that Real Madrid won’t be willing to accept the max UK$8-10mil the Reds will be able to offer, especially since they know Newcastle has offered more.
Problem: Owen himself might hold out and refuse to go to Newcastle eventhough the Magpies offer more money.
Solution: Then Real won’t sell him. And Owen must play this season or risk his England spot. Therefore, he’ll rather go to Newcastle than not play.
Dependencies: How much money extra does Rafa have in the Liverpudian transfer kitty? Will Rafa succumb to crowd pressure (especially since his strikers are firing blanks now)? Will Real be the capitalist i hope they are and refuse to sell to a lower bidder (thereby forcing Owen to accept Newcastle?)
Newcastle desperately needs a striker, and Owen is the guy. HE IS THE GUY WE NEED! OWWEEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!


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