Project Petaling Street is DOWN

PPS is down — yes, i know. I’ve received exactly 1,539 emails since the outage occurred. Some expressed “outrage” that such a public service was no longer available, others offered a sympathetic ear and help, while others dropped a note notifying me of the event. I’ve tried my best to respond to each mail, but its 1,500+ emails — give me a break people. 🙂
A massive (and i mean MASSIVE) trackback and comment attack hit PPS on Monday 3 October and that completely crippled it, and also the entire webserver, i’ve been told. None of the comments and pings actually got posted due to the various system-side checks in place to filter out spam, but the attack acted very akin to a DOS attack; the repeated hits on the server drained resources to the point of shutdown.
Despite my best efforts to convince them, the SysAdmins have insisted that PPS be upgraded before they restore access to critical scripts that are required for PPS to accept pings and comments.
This is a severe outage, and i’m treating it with much seriousness. However, due to various commitments, this coming weekend is the earliest time i’ll be able to perform the upgrade.
Thanks to all for your concern, i love PPS as much as you do, and i’ll do everything i can to get her back on her feet soon. Bloody spammers. This isn’t the first time it has happened, sadly, it probably won’t be the last.


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