PPS accepting pings once more

After being unavailable for 10 days, Project Petaling Street is now available for service once more, ready to accept pings from the Malaysian blogging public. It suffered from some initial hiccups yesterday after it resumed service, but i think i’ve ironed out most of the kinks to make it reasonably stable for use.
Lots of things have changed with PPS to ensure that it is better equipped to protect herself from the ravages of spammers, and i’m quite pleased with how its turned out so far.
On the to-do list:
1. Clean-up stray bits of code and template design.
2. Standardize all PPS Services’ look-and-feel — PPS Blogs and PPS are in synch now, got to do the Directory and Wiki next.
3. Setup PPS to accept sponsored listings — a plan is already in place for this much-requested feature, i’m in the process of fine tuning the details.
4. Monitor performance of PPS before i re-open membership to new users.


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