A non-Muslim MP from IIU

I think i know where she is going with this (the hint is in the 2nd para):

I know I cannot allow a precedent be set in the House ie, the compulsory imposition on non Muslim lady officers the condition to put on a scarf or tudung covering their hair. I realised I could not allow the repeat of my experience in IIU to happen in the august House. I sought Kit Siang’s guidance and thereafter stood up to raise a point of order.

via Chamber of Thoughts.
But though she and i may disagree on this point (i.e. aren’t all dress code rules, impositions??), i applaud her re-telling of her experiences. For context, read “The IPTA and IIU’s hijjab rule” and “IIU and the hijjab“. I’ve written quite a bit about the hijjab in the past too.


One thought on “A non-Muslim MP from IIU

  1. Tudung @ IIUM (Part II)

    I am reading this: 1. IIU and the hijjab 2. The IPTA and IIU’s hijjab rule 3. A non-Muslim MP from IIU 4. Foo Yueh Jiin vs Fong Po Kuan in IIU (Part One) 5. Foo Yueh Jiin vs Fong…


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