Sex for love?

After watching the latest episode of Desperate Housewives, it got me thinking: do women sleep with the men they love because they are afraid of losing them?
Undeniably, physical consumation matters to men. Love if an emotion for us, and to a point, sex if a validation of that love. It probably sounds terribly chauvinistic, but ultimately its true. I can’t speak for women and how they view sex, but every man i know feels and thinks the same way. It doesn’t mean the emotion of love is not true — good men mean it when they say, “I love you.” But at some point, emotion without the act of love is viewed as rejection.
Depending on the person, there is a degree of patience involved. Some men can wait longer than others but in the end, without sex, love is just another four letter word.
I wonder how many women know this when they tell their man, “If you love me, you’ll wait.”


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