A disaster for the Royal Malaysian Police

When i first saw this on Paul Ooi’s blog, i thought that it might be a hoax. Then i read about the same thing, saw the same pictures on Lim Kit Siang’s blog, with a word that the whole Parliament had seen the actual MMS of abuse, and i thought to myself, “The shit has hit the ceiling now.”
If it hasn’t already, a copy of this MMS will find its way into the hands of the media organizations in China and around the world. As a nation, we’re going to get blasted in editorials everywhere, CNN and Reuters will definitely pick it up (its just too sensational to ignore!), and the web will be flooded with .avi copies in no time. Once again, Malaysia has succeeded in making the news for the wrong reasons.
This whole experience is an unmitigated, unprecendented national disaster. Oh my God.


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