I think i know why we keep on getting morons as our Inspector General of Police. In the massively scandalous case of Anwar Ibrahim’s black-eye, Tan Sri Rahim Noor was at the helm: a world-class moron. In the current man’s term, Tan Sri Mohd Bakri Omar, we’ve got the police image continuously being tarnished by scandals of corruption and abuse of authority, recently involving a Chinese student who was sued by the cop whom she brought ACA charges against, and the incident of the 4 Chinese nationals.
Both didn’t become morons overnight; they spent their time as Deputy IGPs perfecting their act. We can already worrying see the current Deputy IGP, Datuk Seri Musa Hassan, following in their footsteps: he issued a statement in the press yesterday saying:

“There will not be any cover-up, and anyone involved in any illegal activity, like recording or using a phone in a restricted area, will be brought to book. We will not hesitate to dismiss them.”

WTF?? The whole nation is crying out for some action, an explanation why this happened, is habitual humiliation of prisoners in detention normal police practice, who is responsible — and a thousand other more important questions. Through all of this, it seems our Deputy IGP is more concerned about how the recording was made??
The fact that a recording was made and distributed is a blessing to all Malaysians — its rare, documented proof of the abuses of our royal police force. I applaud and support DAPs proposal that CCTVs should be installed in all police stations. If the police know the way they handle prisoners is being monitored, then fewer cases of abuse will occur.
UPDATED: Its infuriating that its now revealed the police knew about the abuse a few days prior to Teresa Kok’s expose in Parliament on 24 November (Thursday). They’ve had several days to investigate — and still they are not ready to make an official statement of the progress of their investigation? The IGP’s silence is almost a scandal in itself. This is certainly one of those times when a man of his position needs to put up or get out.


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