The PM’s office tried to cover it up, but blogs made sure the story wasn’t completely supressed:

Deputy Internal Security Minister Noh Omar made a statement outside the parliament yesterday, targetting at foreigners who claimed Malaysian police are brutal. The PM’s Office was said to have called up all newspapers yesterday evening requesting the story be killed.

Malaysia’s Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Noh Omar said yesterday that foreigners who think Malaysia is a “cruel” country should go home.

via Jeff Ooi.com. Also can be found on Teresa Kok’s and Lim Kit Siang’s blog.
Sure enough, we don’t see any mention today of Noh’s outrageous statement in either the NST or The Star. Its debatable whether the PM’s office to censor this terrible error in judgement is justified.
Noh is in deep trouble as it it. He keeps on trying to twist and turn but all he succeeds in doing is screwing himself ever deeper into the muck. The following was reported in the NST today:

“The rules (referring to lock-up rules and Standing Orders from the IGP) are not specific and they just outline in general terms what can be done. Application is left to the discretion of the officers, and this can be debated.”

via NST.
Sorry, Noh, this isn’t what you said yesterday when you were so arrogant in your claims that the action by the police in forcing detainees to do naked ear squats were “by the book”. Sigh. This fellow is a fool and a disgrace to the Government.


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