Time to fall on your sword, Noh

Just like a little kid with his hand in the cookie jar, Noh Omar has been found out. Video recordings by TV3 don’t lie, an MP3 recording on Lim Kit Siang’s blog does not lie either.

Noh Omar

You can try to explain it any way you want, but the only person who has misunderstood anything is you. You’re a flaming racist, incompetent nationalist and all-around dim wit idiot who has absolutely no control over the words that come out of your mouth.
Really, dear Noh, the best thing you can do now for all the other Malaysians you’ve humiliated and embarrased is to fall onto your sword and disappear. Just resign your post and take your trash talk with you. Then, pray for all of us that what you’ve said does not do any more damage than it already has.
Nude video of a woman doing squats? That was nothing compared to this; this is worse, much worse because its a crime committed by a Minister.


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