Happy Birthday, Aishah

We all have special days in our lives, one such day is the birthday. The day we came into this world, the day when opportunity sprung hope and possibilities.
Today is Siti Aishah’s birthday, 22 Dec 2005. As a gift, consider the following poem to dispel the shadows:
Birthday Blessings
Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
As your birthday nears.
Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.
Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.
Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
“Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!”
via PS.
Happy birthday, dear lady. Hugs and kisses and good wishes.