Jackpot! Cartoons Part Deux

FFS! Mack has hit the jackpot!
So many people writing in to Jeff’s blog, leaving comments. So many people saying they support action against the NST, not a SINGLE ONE, JEFF OOI INCLUDED has been able to convincingly say WHY. The normal buzzwords are all there: “outrage”, “insensitive”, “Islam”, “caricature”, “Prophet Muhammad”, “cartoons” — for some reason people seem to think that if you put these words together in several sentences, that’s enough reason to condemn a newspaper, its Editors and the Press in general. Gosh, when was i transported to Planet Paranoia?
I’m going to go against the grain, i’m going to publish MORE CARTOONS about this issue, then i’m going to give you LINKS to where you can find EVEN MORE CARTOONS. (no pics of the Prophet on my blog, i promise, i’m a Muslim)
What you’ll find is that a great majority of these cartoons make satirical comments about Muslims, rather than Islam. While all Muslims (myself included) have a duty till death to defend Islam, there is no such promise to defend other Muslims, especially when there is something wrong with us that needs changing. If you view these cartoons from that perspective, the only reason why you may think they are offensive is because the cartoon is talking about YOU.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.

What i want people to understand is that its only a closed mind that shrugs off legitimate questions that if, asked and answered, can help us improve and grow as a people, society, religion and nation. While it seems almost absurd that cartoons can help us achieve that goal, its the total absurdity of cartoons that is often required to make us open our eyes, take a moment to chuckle, reflect, understand, and apply.
UPDATE: How much do we even know about the cartoonist, Wiley Miller? Multi-award winning cartoonist. Interesting. A cartoonist receives awards not because he can draw, but because he offers perspectives.


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