Answering Hansac and Voice

Hansac and Voice essentially made the same argument on why the NST cartoons were offensive:

“It mocked Muslims’ reaction to their Prophet being mocked.”

via Hansac.

“The cartoon is making fun (belittling) the furor of muslim over Danish cartoon incidence (sufficient visual and inference to describe that).”

via Voice.
My answer to both as follows:
The caption in the cartoon says that the cartoonist is “the most feared man in the world” — that is a satirical jibe at the situation a cartoonist has caused rather than a jibe at Muslims in particular. How can a cartoonist and his cartoon be the cause of so much international uproar, angst, abuse and discussion? Its absurd! The educational value comes in making us reflect on the absurdity of the situation; a realization that may allow us to avoid the type of reactions that led to riots, violence and death-fatwas.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.

If you really, really want to be angry at someone for the “mocking” and “belittling” cartoon in the NST, perhaps you should blame the Malaysian education system for not teaching us the meaning of satire. No worries, just follow this link for a quick brief on the topic.
The other thing that many of us have forgotten, is when things blow out of proportion like this, its never the fault of one person.
Sure, as Aisehman rightly pointed out, the cartoonist really should have shown a bit more “politeness”. But the Muslim world has also gone to extreme lengths to react: breaking off diplomatic relations, rioting, violence, etc. Yes, more “politeness” from both sides, perhaps more thoughfulness as well, would have avoided this whole mess.
EVEN IF, both your arguments are valid (and i’m not accepting that they are) — this proves something i said in my earlier post: Muslims have a huge chip on their shoulder. To take offense over a cartoon making fun of us? Come on — have you even been to a Friday sermon lately? Where the imam talks about the “lecherous” ways of non-Muslims and how if we follow their path we’re all going to Hell (directly implying that all our non-Muslim friends and relatives are going to Hell, no questions asked)? And that’s your typical Friday sermon in Malaysia; i’ve heard Friday sermons from religious imams from the Middle East, and even in the USA and UK — the vitrolic they spew out makes these cartoons look like a drawing of Mary Poppins.


Click to enlarge. Via Cagle.

We take offense (and react so wildly) when what we do is 10x worse? That’s rich. Islam prohibits hypocriticism — we’re making a fuss over cartoons? If so, what a bunch of hypocrites we are.


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