Renouncing Islam

Rubber tapper, Mohd Yunus Kassim, wants to renounce Islam.

He was born a Malay, carries a Malay name and is registered in his identity card as a Muslim. But Mohd Yunus Kassim says he stopped practising Islam nearly 50 years ago and wants this made official to avoid “unnecessary complications” when he dies. Now Mohd Yunus, 62, who is married to a Chinese and raises his children as Buddhists, is applying to the Syariah Court to declare he is not Muslim. “I do not want to share the same fate as some other cases,” he said today. “When I die, I want my funeral to be peaceful. I don’t want any problems.”

via NST.
Theoretically speaking, the penalty for apostasy in Islam is death. Theoretically, the Syariah Court has to declare him apostate and sentence him to death.
Interesting how a religion of “peace” has particularly violent ways of dealing with people practising their own free will. Its things like this that fuel the arguments of the Orientalists.


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