Free 10-Day World of Warcraft Passes!

If you’ve ever wanted to try playing World of Warcraft, now is your chance. Blizzard has given me a couple of free 10-day passes to give out to anyone i choose (if you sign-up for a full account after the 10-day pass, then i get 30 days free play time). Send me an email at aizuddin(at) with the subject “WOW PASS PLS”.
You’ll get an email with a 10-day CD key — get a copy of the CD installation discs from anyone (or even from your favourite Low Yat store, it doesn’t have to be an original copy *wink* *wink*), install the game, use the CD key you are given, and voila, 10-days free game time for you to test the game. Its fully featured, so you’ll get to experience the game 100% for 10 days.
I also have a spare 3-months game time card to sell: if you take up this offer, then i’ll sell the game card to you for RM100, RM50 off the price i bought it for several months ago.
Its a fantastic time to start playing the game, as on 30 May, a batch of new Oceanic servers (servers that have their time set to +10GMT, Malaysia’s is +8GMT) will be launched. This makes it easier for us in our timezone to find people to play with — and a new server means a new, fresh start for everyone, everyone starts on an equal footing.


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