Mack signs-off

One of Malaysia’s undisputed King Bs (B for Blogger) has signalled his retirement from the Malaysian blogging scene. The reasons he gave for doing it fascinate me, and has lent itself to some deep thought on my part.
Mack, like me, like Jeff, like TV Smith, and several others have been around for a long time. Either by chance or coincidence we were poised in a position that has allowed us an unrestricted view to the development of the Malaysian blogosphere. Jeff and TV with their immensely popular blogs and “little birds”, Mack with his almost cult-like following, and myself presiding over what remains, Malaysia’s #1 blogtal, Project Petaling Street (it smashed its own viewership records last month with more than 30,000 unique visitors a day).
(the reason why i mention their names is because i’m close to them as in i’ve spent time understanding their blogging motivations, and i know where they are coming from and where they want to go blog-wise; this is not to say that no one else shares our visions, ambitions or experiences, but i can only speak of what i have personally experienced)
It seems ironic to me that Mack has decided to throw in the towel on the day, by his own admission, blogs have achieved a historical milestone: the ability to overtly influence the non-blog world, if that was indeed what has happened. Or perhaps, maybe that’s why he has, because the “long struggle” for the position of blogs in the Malaysian sociapathy has been peaked. Who knows, and i for one will not begrudge him his decision.
All blogs exist to serve an agenda, may it be personal or otherwise. So to speak, they are the fuel that powers the words on the screen. Some agendas change, some do not; change can lead to the withdrawal of a blog from the blogosphere, as they have with Mack’s, some changes may lead to a blog taking different tacks, sometimes in directions of ever more fervour, as they have with Jeff’s.
Neither means a breaking of the blogosphere, there is nothing to be depressed or sad or angry about, as some have prematurely expressed. I call it blog-volution (evolution), may Darwin be smiling in his grave.


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