Fitna, by Geert Wilders

I thought about the issue the whole day, and it took me a long time to decide whether to embed the video here (courtesy of YouTube). In the end, the VOI is an archive of my thoughts, and it would seem strange that i went out of my way to “hide” something so easily found, something that has given me pause to think for the better part of a day. While some may disagree with me, i believe talking about a problem is the only way to make it go away. Identifying the problem, is the first step to its solution. Hence the video below.

(the video has some very disturbing images, if you play it, you do so at your own risk)

Everything in the video is a lie, and taken out of context. Lets get that out of the way first. The majority of civil Muslims in the world today will tell you that Islam is a religion of peace, and we have no quarrel with anyone.

Issues such as Israel, Iran, Afghanistan, and even the rise of militant religious extremism, are facades hiding behind the cause of religion — nationalistic pride, racism, territorial conflicts, economics and pure stupidity are the real reasons behind each conflict. Religion is often used to mask the insanity with a sane pretext, nothing more. Even the purpose behind Wilders’ release of this video has more to do with Dutch-European political xenophobia rather than a “warning” against Islam (as a religion) that he claims.

It would seem convenient that Muslims would disclaim anything that is bad about the religion. And to many who don’t understand, or choose not to understand, it may seem so. But it really isn’t. Human beings, as noted above, do and want many things. While there are many ways to source for these wants, often times the easiest path to riches is through the leverage of human emotion. Few else in this world is stronger, more capable in arousing human emotion than the religious call.

Religion has man caught in a bind. Its very nature forces us to accept, because the Catch 22 is, should we not accept, therefore we do not believe, therefore we do not belong. No man is an island, how true. The problem is, men are sheep. Unable to think for themselves, they look to leaders to think for them. Its these leaders, the same men of gospel in the video whom are the real traitors of religion. Twisting the unreal into the real is easy for them, and making death seem like the sweet beginning of heavenly afterlife is their promise.

No video, no ideology, no religion even, can compete against that power. If Islam had a weakness, this would be it: susceptibility to perversion.


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