The Spotty Test

Imagine a white canvas representing the purity of the person in front of you. Assume white means good.

pure1.jpgWould you say the person in the canvas above was perfect, blemish-less, spotless. Pure good, worthy of everything nice you can say about him. Perfect.

How about this one? What would you think about him?

pure2.jpgWould you say he is nearly perfect? Nearly spotless. Would you think him a “good person” or not? Consider.

Lastly, what about this one? More than a few spots. Many spots, some big.

pure3.jpgIs he flawed? Less perfect, imperfect, unworthy?

If you could see every person around you as a white canvas, how would you choose your friends? Only the perfect? Or the 2-spots-or-less club?

If i could see everyone around me as a white canvas, do you know what i would do? I would look for a mirror first. Its easy to spot the spots when everyone is a white canvas. Its even easier to fall into the trap of thinking that perfection means a spotless canvas.


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