Badawi’s Judas

Anwar shows once again he learned many tricks from the old dawg Tun M: by planting a Yong in the Garden of Abdullah, we now have drama unfolding, history unprecendented. A move worthy of classic Tun M.

I wonder if Badawi’s Judas was anything like the original Iscariot. Will he receive 30 pieces of silver for his work? Will he be wracked with guilt? Or will his bowels be split open in a modern day Field of Blood?

Chances are, this Ju’Yong’ (c whut i did thar?) will fail in his bid to unseat the Emperor. However, just like a small tear in ream of silk, this is likely an indication of things to come.

While the political cut & thrust is on show, i can’t help but wonder why its leaving such a tasteless grind in my mouth. Could it be because no matter who wins, the Rakyat loses? It took a certain character to plant the seeds of betrayal into the original Judas; probably a character no less than Satan himself. If our modern day betrayal comes to pass, i’m loath to welcome a modern day Satan onto our throne.

Better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.


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