Been reading a lot of blogs lately, quite a bit of this, but also mostly random treats such as this. Find them terribly fun reads; its addictive to read about others and their often zany takes on life.


Bootylicious – My after-dinner mint

But, I’ve noticed that the blogs i find fun to read are not the type of blogs that i would myself enjoy to write.

Over time, the Volume of Interactions has changed. Looking back at years gone by, some of my funnest writings can be found when the blog was still young. But reading those same posts now, i don’t think i can write like that anymore. Well, not sustainably anyways.

The air in my head (yeah, airhead, i am) always seems to be full of serious thought nowadays. If it doesn’t involve money, someone dying, political scandal or sex (ok, we all have our own little guilty pleasures), it really won’t interest me enough to write about it.

This is now, i’m 32. I wonder what i’ll be like when i hit 40. Wonder what the VOI will be like then.


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