Warning: the Silly Season is contagious


Ok, this is just getting a bit stupid. Sorry, my mistake. This is getting very stupid.

Hng Khoon Leng from Gerakan Youth has asked Lim Guan Eng to reveal details of how he can afford his, allegedly, lavish home. Anything DAP can do, Gerakan can do too? Its hilarious.

While there is some reason in politicans being transparent about their sources of income, hounding them publicly is not the way to do it. It smacks of pandering to the gallery, a cheap attempt to get your name in the newspapers. It really doesn’t work. Really. Just no.

If you really want to hit Guan Eng and DAP where it hurts, hit them over the issue of Kampung Buah Pala. Not only will you get the respect of the Rakyat because that’s an issue that matters (tsk, tsk DAP, you lied to the electorate), its an issue that affects real people on the ground. No one cares how much Mr Lim paid to renovate his lawn.


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