A child of the GI Joe era


If there’s one movie i’m eagerly anticipating this year, its GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

I grew up a tough little boy watching the cartoons on TV in the mid-1980s. Bought the comics too, and saved up my meager pocket money to buy the action figures, or went over to friends’ who had rich parents who had bought them the whole set of the latest figures.

In my mind, i imagined myself as the computer hacker, the handsome devil with the sly sense of humour, a ladies man who had a way with the tongue and a way with the keyboard, able to dismantle the electronic defenses of Cobra machinery with a flick of my fingers. Back then, every boy i knew had a GI Joe persona, that was mine.

I’m shy to say it now that 20-odd years have past since, but… “YO JOE!” *GI Joe cartoon musical score in the background*


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