Fun: A WoW Movie Diary


I quit World of Warcraft
back quite a while back. After playing the game since launch, it took
me about 4 years of everyday-playing patterns to realize that i’d done
it all, and doing it all over again under a new expansion was simply…

But i do get nostalgic at times, and when the new World of Warcraft movie hits theatres sometime in 2011, i’ll be near the head of the queue for a ticket.

Stumbled across this fun little blog post on Wired, “Sam Raimi’s Warcraft Movie Production Diary“. Its a real hoot, and i laughed out loud (LOL) more than once.

Day 75

Why is it that every time we wrap for the day, one of the extras asks me to “open a portal to Dalaran”? Is he asking for drugs?”

Priceless. It’d take a WoW’er to understand. Trust me, its really funny.


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