he’s just not that into you


The winner of the Must-Watch-With-Your-Significant-Other Movie Award.

Chock full of contemporary stars, the movie is about love, marriage and relationships. It centers around 6 or 7 characters, and their relationships with each other. Just about every significant issue related to relationships is discussed: marriage, love, dating, boy meets girl, adultery, lust, communication. Its all there. One Movie to Rule Them All.

One story arc in particular caught my attention. Jennifer Aniston’s character wants to get married. Ben Affleck’s character doesn’t see the point in marriage; they love each other, have a great life together, are loyal and committed and are generally happy as happy can be when two people who are just right for each other are together. So why get married?

Early on in the movie, she dumps him over the issue. He moves out, starts living on his boat.

Jennifer Aniston’s/Ben Affleck’s friends make up the other story arcs. The married ones are miserable, trapped in adulterous affairs, apathetic to each other, constantly finding faults with their partners and bickering over the smallest things.

By the end of the movie, Jennifer Aniston realizes that marriage is not a prerequisite for happiness. She was happy before, why spoil it by forcing her partner to marry for the sake of marriage.

She goes looking for him, they get back together, glad to be together again. Ben Affleck then proposes to her with one of the best lines of the movie, “I want you to be happy, because i know thats the only way i’ll ever have a shot at happiness myself. If you’re happy, i’m happy. Will you marry me?”

Classic. My thoughts exactly.


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