Malaysia, fake DVDs and terrorism


I’m entertaining some guests from Australia today at work. Going to take them out for lunch in a bit, probably Nando’s.

Trying my best to be a gracious host, i ask, “Is there anything you wanted to buy? Friday lunch hours are long due to prayers, you have ample time to visit some shopping malls.”

“Well, yes, there is something my family wanted me to get for them from Malaysia. DVDs.”

“DVDs? you mean the pirated ones?”

“Yes. Do you know where i can buy them?”

“Of course.” (Petaling Street is right next to Nando’s)

Good to know that Malaysia is famous for something. To the mat sallehs, we’re culturally dead, piratesRus.

ps. Interesting tidbit here: buying pirated DVDs is funding terrorism. So the mat sallehs buy the pirated DVDs from us, the money ends up in some terrorist’s hands, and is used to buy bombs to blow the mat sallehs up. Freaking poetic justice if there ever was one.


One thought on “Malaysia, fake DVDs and terrorism

  1. I am trying not to buy fake dvds because those who are involve in selling/making those dvd are also doing prostitution, ah long and God-knows-what business.
    But then again, I always failed hehe


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