God’s Will


When i was a little boy, i asked my ustazah, “Why do people do bad things?”

She said, “Because the Devil tempted them into it.”

“Why does the Devil do such things?”

“It’s God’s will.”

“Why does God let the Devil tempt people to do bad things? Doesn’t God want the Earth to be peaceful?”

“God created the Devil to test us. The good people won’t do the bad things the Devil wants us to do. The bad people will give in to temptation.”

“Why does God have to test us?”

“Because He wants to know which of us are good and which of us are bad. The good will have a place in Paradise, the bad will be sent to Hell.”

I gave this some thought.

“Does God know everything in this universe?”

“Yes, He does.”

“Then why does He have to test us? If He knows already which of us are bad and which of us are good.”

There was no answer to this, well at least none that i can’t remember satisfying me. Can’t remember how old i was when i had this conversation. 9 years old? 10?

It just came to mind while i was having dinner. I bet God knew that i was going to remember this memory before i did. It is His will after all, that i’m having it.


One thought on “God’s Will

  1. Maybe this is where free will comes in.
    Even if Allah knows what’s going to happen, Allah let us choose our path, to become evil when we are good and vice versa…


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