BA is losing its shine


Over chats with several reasonably close friends, it seems that a lot has changed for them since the fateful GE of 2008. Back then, they were gloriously anti-Government, staunchly for the New Dawn promised by Barisan Alternatif. Pointing and believing in the hype of a truly multi-racial, multi-religious party that could truly represent the spirit of Malaysia, ushering us into a period of sustained good will and happiness.

And, yes, did they bask in the glow of the decidedly victorious BA, with the sacking of Kedah, Selangor and Perak from the grips of the Evil Ones.

Barely 18 months down the road, and they are singing a different tune now. PKR rep in Kedah, Radzhi Salleh quits the party, further fracturing an already distressed BA presence in that state. The travails of DAP vs PAS in Selangor are well documented. And, of course, Perak has already fallen from their grasp when more than a few BA leaders decided to turn their backs on their parties.

Its all coming undone, isn’t it?

A marriage of convenience it was, back then in 2008. Such things make for really messy divorces. Shame its the Rakyat that have to suffer the fallout.

In politics, its always better the Devil you know than the one you don’t. Hopefully, voters will remember that when the next GE comes along.


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