A difference in work ethics

In Malaysia, quality of work is often equated to the quantity of work. A person who does massive amounts of overtime is valued by the company as a hard worker, a person who leaves the office “on the dot” is jeered.

Even in professional circles, non-operational areas of responsibility, i’ve seen the same thing happen.

“Wah, so hardworking, putting in overtime.”

“Looking for a promotion, izzit? 9pm still not going back yet!”

At the other end of the stick.

“So free, meh? Go home at 5.30pm everyday. Got to ask boss to give you more work.”

“Going home so early today?” (loudly so that everyone around can hear and look at you)

In Switzerland, punctuality is key. People work until 5pm and no longer. If you want to work beyond 5pm, you need to submit a written request to Management. If you work long hours, it reflects poorly on you because it means you’re inefficient and unable to finish your work in regular office hours.

That’s Switzerland. This is Malaysia. It’s almost silly to compare the two. Isn’t it?


One thought on “A difference in work ethics

  1. Hehe guilty. I am the type who would go back on the dot, if I could, provided I don’t have anything else to do for the day.
    I often get the “Awlanya balik?” or “Wahh so early aaa?” remarks whenever I decided to go home early, which is not on the dot pon.
    It annoys me initially but after that, ahh lantakla, I have my own life, friends, family and pets to attend to.


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