The validity of T Sivanesan’s testimony


Malaysia was shocked with the testimony of T Sivanesan yesterday. He alleged that MACC officers tortured him during interrogation in 2008. He further claims that senior MACC officials are aware of this practice.

If true, the MACC loses all credibility, and its back to the drawing board for us Malaysian in search of an organization that will stamp out corruption in our country.

The relevance of his testimony was challenged yesterday by the lawyer representing the MACC, stating that what may have happened to T Sivanesan has nothing to do with the investigation of the death of Teoh Beng Hock.

What a silly man. By trying get the testimony expunged, it just makes the MACC look all the more guilty in the eyes of the common man (e.g. me).

Of course the testimony is relevant. If true, it indicates a pattern of behaviour stretching back at least a year; the MACC tortured Sivanesan, the same may have happened to Teoh Beng Hock possibly leading to his death. The testimony, if true, proves that the MACC officers who have given their testimony to date have committed perjury by claiming that witnesses are never tortured or put under duress.

Its become clear now, regardless of what happens, what is decided by the inquest to be the truth or not in the days to come, the credibility of the MACC is finished. The stain of the alleged improprieties will never be washed away. What a disgusting end to a noble idea.


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