Strippers respond

stripper.jpgThe issue of the Park51 mosque in NYC seems to have a grip on the nation. 2 of the top 10 topics on Google today are about the mosque. But beyond all the politics, how are people who are really on the ground affected or responding to the building of the mosque? 

Just a door away from Park51 is a strip club. Let’s hear what some of the strippers have to say.

“I don’t know what the big deal is,” Cassandra said. “It’s freedom of religion, you know?”

And this is my personal favourite.

Chris said she lost eight friends on Sept. 11, 2001 — firefighters from the Brooklyn firehouse next to her home at the time. “The people who did it are not going to the mosque,” she said.

Sometimes people who take off all their clothes for a living have a brighter head on their shoulders than those who keep all their clothes on. True story.

ps. Arshad Hasan is not a stripper, but the Executive Director of Democracy for America (a million-member lobby group). He brings a dose of reality to the debate by saying:

[L]et’s be clear, the subject of the highest profile Muslim structure, 51 Park in New York City, will have a basketball court and a culinary school. Two floors will have a prayer room. The other eleven will host movie nights, performances, group dinners, etc — it’s basically a Muslim YMCA, open to everyone. These moderate Muslims are doing everything we could ask of them. They’re trying to build a bridge in the communities they live in, trying to show the world that Muslims are cool and interesting and diverse, and proving that being a Muslim does not equal being a terrorist.


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