The Pakistan Flood (2010)

pakistan_flood.jpgBad things happen, often for no apparent or avoidable reasons. The Great Flood of Pakistan, July 2010, is one of those things.

An editorial in the NY Times, appealing for contributions of relief and aid, brought a tear to my heart.

In the early morning the cow had collapsed, and I could see it would soon be dead. Its eyes were beginning to dull, as the owner squatted next to it, sprinkling water into its mouth, as if it were possible to revive it. Its legs were swollen from standing in water, and its chest and torso were covered with deep cuts and scrapes, sheets of raw flesh where branches rushing past must have hit it.

The rest of the family sat nearby on a string bed, resigned, waiting for the end. This was their wealth, but when it died they would tip it into the water and let it float away to the south. Through the past few days they had seen it all, houses collapsed, trees uprooted, grain spoiled, and this was just one more blow.

I had to do something, and i did. Donated $50 to Unicef.

You can do the same.

Donate to Oxfarm.Donate to Unicef.Donate to Islamic Relief USA.

Or donate here, and i’ll forward the money for you.


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