Don’t give in to beggars

I never give money to beggars, foreign or otherwise. Period. And neither should anyone else.

[Michael] Chong said last year, a foreign beggar had sought his help to recover RM30,000 allegedly owed to him by his “boss” for months of “work”.

He said such earnings were shared between the beggars and their syndicates, so the public should refrain from giving any money at all.

“The best method to tackle this problem is by refusing to give beggars money, leaving them with no choice but to return to their own country to earn an honest living,” he said.

Its not that i don’t care about the poor and unfortunate people, but its that i don’t care for beggars. A beggar puts no effort to make his life better — if he did, he wouldn’t be begging. There are social welfare centers all over that will not only give you enough food and sometimes a place to live temporarily, but also teach you basic skills that can help you get a simple job. 

I have no time, and no sympathy for those who don’t make any attempt to make a difference for themselves. Its a hard stand, but necessary. 


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