Saying “NO” to racism

racism1sr.jpgAlright, the Good Word has finally made its way to the ears of a Few Good Men. When you do something bad, i’ll say so. Its only fair to do the same when you do something good.

Najib said his administration must adopt a “zero-tolerance” policy towards racism and will take immediate action against those found to have made racial slurs.

Hopefully, he means organizations such as PERKASA and its ultra-racist leader Dato’ Ibrahim Ali, and not just the comparatively easier targets of school principals. In any case, its a good start, and making such a public statement provides a locus on which reference can be made. Good ol’ Lim Kit Siang can always be counted on to crack the whip; he’s already started.

Khairy echoed the PM quite nicely as well. The PM’s youngest daughter is still single i hear. Things that make you go, “Hmmmm…”

“Perkasa is hurting us, our chances in gaining non-Malay votes. For Umno, BN to win, we cannot afford to be associated with these people. They are alienating us from a large segment of voters,” he said.

Clever boy, well said and spot on. The fact that you didn’t say it earlier (like weeks ago) means that you had to check with someone first to see if that was the right thing to say. I can understand Najib needing to check the numbers first before putting his mouth out there for public record, but you? You’re a youth leader, the firebrand of the society you represent, the model of the modern Malay Muslim. You should have been on their case from Day 1, rather than waffling in doubt. While better late than never, i can’t say that i’m impressed with your timing.


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