Teo Nie Ching – undressed in the surau?

Such a storm in a teacup. Teo Nie Ching was invited to speak to the congregation about the state’s education program. Alright, she was not appropriately dressed for the event, wearing a tight-ish kebaya and without a scarf. But how was she to know that was against the rules, she is, after all just another infidel.

In any case, she’s done the honourable thing and, despite it being no fault of her own, has offered her apologies to everyone who took offence (including, the Sultan).

ching.jpgBut what about Datin Rosmah, wife to our PM? Where was the uproar against her? Where are your manners and your apology? You have no excuse. You should know better — a woman’s hair is her aurat.

rosmah1.jpgrosmah2.jpgI’m not making a big deal about it, it really doesn’t bother me either way. Just saying that we need to be consistent about things and not blow things out of proportion.

Its a sign of the times. Muslims being so obsessed about the rituals of the religion, rather than being concerned about its true ideology.


One thought on “Teo Nie Ching – undressed in the surau?

  1. The contradiction you pointed out is prove that the whole episode is a political attack disguised as UMNO being Islamic. Interesting to see Pas Youth comments on it. After the election in 2008, a quite not so subtle shift has taken place. UMNO (despite outsourcing racism to Pekasa) moved to the right and PAS moving more to the middle…interesting times!


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